by Gertrude Stein

Part of the Boreales Festival

26 NOVEMBER 2020.


At the Théâtre du Champ Exquis, Blainville sur Orne, Normandy, France


with: Annie Hanauer, Deborah Lennie, Ingvild Marstein Olsen

sound: Patrice Grente

images: Christophe Bisson

lights: Nicolas Bordes

PUSH and the company For Want of a Better, receive the support of the Théâtre du Champ Exquis, Nationally Conventioned Dramatic Centre for the Arts, Culture and Youth.

PUSH is a tri-lingual performance based on extracts from Gertrude Stein's revolutionary text Tender Buttons.

A contortionist, a dancer, an actress and a musician search through this enigmatic text how our lives, our surroundings, our histories are articulated. Or not.

RESIDENCE november at the Théâtre du Champ Exquis

Dès le début de notre résidence, le perspective du confinement devient de plus en plus réel. Annoncé le 3me jour l'annonce a fragilisé tout le monde. Encore plus. Rentons chez nous? A Londres, à Bruxelles...? Finalement nous avons pu continuer à travailler. Et quel travail. Stein est toujours avec nous, et le propos de son texte de plus en plus résonant. Comment tenir debout dans ce monde fracturé? Nous-même faites de fissures, d'incohérences, de hasards, de juxtapositions parfois incongues...On ne sait pas trop comment, mais visiblement ça tient.

From the beginning of the residencey we felt the lockdown looming. And yes, day 3 the announcement came. Lockdown. Quite a strange and fragile time for all of us. Do we go home straight away? Wait and see? As it turns out, we were able o keep on working. And work we did!! Stein is still with us, and her text feels more and more true. How can we start to make sense of this world when everything seems so chaotic and disconnected? How can we in our cubist lives, start to stand up together and go on.? Apparently we can...


What is the current that makes machinery, that makes it crackle, what is the current that presents a long line and a necessary waist. What is this current.

What is the wind, what is it.

Where is the serene length, it is there and a dark place is not a dark place, only a white and red are black, only a yellow and green are blue, a pink is scarlet, a bow is every color. A line distinguishes it. A line just distinguishes it.


Au milieu d'un petit lieu quasi nu

il y a une jolie chose à dire que

le poignet mène. Le poignet mène.