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MEDUSES is an in-situ performance piece which was produced at the IMEC (Institution for the Memory of Contempory Edition) at the Abbaye d'Ardenne, St Germain la Blanche Herbe.

The IMEC is the national centre for archives. It  "collects, preserves and showcases archival collections and studies devoted to the major publishing houses, journals and individuals playing a role in publishing and contemporary creative expression: publishers, writers, artists, researchers, reviewers, graphic designers, booksellers, printers, playwrights, translators, reporters…"

Working on the notion of memory and the traces we leave behind us, For Want of a Better explored this question using film, sound, text and music. Using only elements collected at the IMEC and its immediate surrounds, Meduses is an evocative, dream-like piece, which troubles our relation to memory, both collective and individual.

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