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Deborah Lennie

photo: Bénédicte Hébert


Founding member of FOR WANT OF A BETTER, Deborah Lennie took on the role of artistic director for the collective in 2018. She has worked on UTSIRA, TERRA DOMICILIUS, LA TAIGA COURT, MEDUSES, CHTO interdit aux moins de 15 ans, INTIME_EXTIME, and PUSH.

Born in New Zealand, Deborah Lennie grew up in Australia. After studying piano and voice at the NSW Conservatorium of Music, she studied french and political science at the University of Sydney. She then turned to theatre and was accepted at the Actors Centre, Sydney where she trained as an actor. Moving to France in 2000 she has worked with directors such as Serge Nail, George Bigot, Tanya Gerstle, Laure Rungette, with choreographers and dancers such as Rachid Ouramdane, Yumiko Nii, Mille Engbert Lundt, with poets Sonia Chiambretto, Luc Bénazet, Benoît Casas, with visual artists such as Christophe Bisson, Gunilla Josephsson, Bénédicte Hébert, Frédéric Hocké, and with musicians Patrice Grente, Jean-Baptiste Julien, François Chesnel, Naoto Yamagashi, Pascal Legall, Pascal Maupeu, Etienne Zemniak...

She is associated artist for the Théâtre du Champ Exquis, Scène Conventionné d'Interêt National, since 2019.

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photo: stéphane barthaud


Founding member of FOR WANT OF A BETTER, Patrice Grente has worked on UTSIRA, TERRA DOMICILIUS, LA TAIGA COURT, MEDUSES, CHTO interdit aux moins de 15 ans, INTIME_EXTIME, and PUSH.

Patrice Grente is a self taught double bassist who has working in jazz and improvised music. In his personal research he concievs sound as an entity and works in electronics, field-recording, concrete music, noise, film and sound installations. He has worked with visual arts, dance, theatre, sound poetry, and performance and has worked with artists such as Phil Niblock, Etienne Bonhomme, Pan Huysen, Paul Dunmall, Jerome Noetinger, Luc Bénazet, Deborah Lennie, Jean-Luc Capozzo, Benoît Casas, Sonia Chiambretto, Fred Hocké, Jean-Baptiste Julien, Etienne Zémniak, Guillaume Bellanger, Yumiko Nii, Pascal Legall...

He is co-founder of the festival ''INTERSTICE'' in Caen.

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Founding member of FOR WANT OF A BETTER, Fred Hocké has worked on UTSIRA, MEDUSES, LA TAIGA COURT, TERRA DOMICILIUS, and several research projects.

Visual artist he works on image in many forms : video, animation, lights, scenography, photography, painting, drawing, ...
Alongside his personal work primarily concerned with photography and installation, he works in theatre. He has worked with Zirlib, Habaquq, le Clair-obscur, Claire Diterzi among others.

photo: patrick imbert


American dancer Annie Hanauer, is now based in London. She working on PUSH with FOR WANT OF A BETTER .

Her current touring work includes : FRANCHIR LA NUIT, TORDRE and VARIATIONS with CCN2/Rachid Ouramdane (Grenoble, France);  SUNNY with Emanuel Gat Dance (Istres, France), a personal creation process, workshops in Italy, France and the UK. She is currently Associated Artist with Candoco Dance Company (London, UK).

Past work includes: Tenir le Temps et POLICES! by Rachid Ouramdane; SUNNY Emmanuel Gat Dance; 52 Portraits (choreographic video solo) , Jonathan Burrows & Matteo Fargion/Sadlers Wells; Getting Dressed, Lea Anderson/Southbank Centre; Levée des Conflits, Boris Charmatz; Stupid Women, Wendy Houstoun and as a member of Candoco Dance Company (London, UK): Notturnino (Thomas Hauert); Set and Reset/Reset (Trisha Brown); Miniatures (a solo by Lea Anderson); ‘Still’ (Nigel Charnock); 12 (Claire Cunningham); Looking Back (Rachid Ouramdane); And Who Shall Go to the Ball? (Rafael Bonachela); Imperfect Storm (Wendy Houstoun); In Translation (Emanuel Gat); The Hangman (Sarah Michelson); The Perfect Human (Hofesh Shechter); Parallel Lines (Marc Brew); Paralympic Closing Ceremony, London 2012 Games (Kim Gavin); Olympic & Paralympic Handover Ceremony, Beijing Games 2008 (Kate Prince)

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Skjermbilde 2019-10-28 kl. 17.31_edited.
Photo: Kristin Bengtson


Light creation


Christophe Bisson is a visual artist and film maker. He worked on INTIME_EXTIME and is working on PUSH.

After a masters degree in philosophy at the Sorbonne, he concentrates on the arts with personal and collective exhibitions in France and internationally. (Paris, Barcelone, Kiev, New York, Moscou…). In 2007, he co-directs the documentary White Horse, (HBO). He has since created several films selected in festivals in France and internationally (Cinéma du Réel, Centre Pompidou, FID Marseille, Berlin Film Festival...) His films include: Noli Me Tangere, Sfumato, Silencio, Lenz Elégie, Sarah (K), Au Monde, Road Movie...

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photo: patrick lafond

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