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Annie Hanauer, Deborah Lennie, Ingvild Marstein Olsen

Sound: Patrice Grente

Images: Christophe Bisson

Lights: Nicolas Bordes

Loosely based on Gertrude Stein's Tender Buttons, PUSH invites us to reflect on the fragmentation of our lives: here we are, projected side by side, and we have to - supposedly - make sense of it somehow.  In French, English and Norwegian, PUSH plays with the music hidden in language and the dance buried in the body, like a moving painting, a narrative kaleidoscopic . And through this fragmented language, we can perhaps catch a glimpse of an escape route towards sensitivity.

PUSH and the company For Want of a Better, have received the support of the National Choreographic Centre in Caen, Normandy,

and of the Théâtre du Champ Exquis, Nationally Conventioned Dramatic Centre for the Arts, Culture and Youth.


What is the current that makes machinery, that makes it crackle, what is the current that presents a long line and a necessary waist. What is this current.

What is the wind, what is it.

Where is the serene length, it is there and a dark place is not a dark place, only a white and red are black, only a yellow and green are blue, a pink is scarlet, a bow is every color. A line distinguishes it. A line just distinguishes it.


Au milieu d'un petit lieu quasi nu

il y a une jolie chose à dire que

le poignet mène. Le poignet mène.

STEIN manuscript.png

Gertrude Stein manuscript of Tender Buttons

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